Sony Xperia Z5 How to disable Vibrate on touch

When you touch on your Sony Xperia Z5 at the screen, for example, to make a setting or open an app, then the smartphone vibrates briefly. This haptic feedback, also called screen vibration shall convey to you that you have just performed an action. Many users think that the screen vibration is not a great advantage, which is why it is often disabled. Should you not know how to disable the Sony Xperia Z5 haptic feedback, then we would like to explain it here.

1. Open from the home screen from the menu and then the settings of Android

2. You can find here the menu item “Sound & notifications”. Tap on this and select then in the submenu: "Other sounds".

3. Here you see now the option "Vibrate on touch". Pull the knob to the left to turn this option off on your Sony Xperia Z5.

The housing of the Sony Xperia Z5 no longer vibrates when you tap soft keys with specific applications within the Android system. You have just successfully disabled the haptic feedback on the Sony Xperia Z5.


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