Strato Communicator - Receive emails via the browser

You can quickly and easily retrieve your e-mails from any PC or smartphone via a browser. You do not need any software like Outlook or Thunderbird but only a browser like Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc.

To retrieve e-mails via the Strato Communicator please proceed as follows:

First open the browser of your computer or mobile phone and enter the following address in the address line:

After logging in to the login page, enter your username and password. We recommend you to remove the "Stay logged in" checkbox.

When you select the "Login" button, it will load your e-mail account and display the Strato Communicator environment. You now have access to your e-mails, contacts, and the calendar.

Problems with logging in to the Strato Communicator - What to do?

It can happen again and again that the login via the browser does not work correctly. This can have different reasons. Please try the following:

  1. Disconnect your Internet connection and try again
    2. Use a different browser
    3. Use Strato's support to check if there is a technical error on the part of the provider

You are now familiar with the procedure for retrieving e-mails from the Strato Communicator via the browser using a smartphone or a PC.


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