Super Mario Run for Android - Game does not start

If you have installed the new Super Mario Run on your Android smartphone, then you will have lots of fun, provided the game starts at all.

Unfortunately, it can happen that Super Mario Run on Android devices first does not start or emit a failure message. What can you do here? The following tips are intended to help you:

How to play Super Mario Run on Android Smartphone without problems:

Before you start with our tips, try to restart the smartphone first. This is often the solution.

  1. Delete app data and empty cache

Opens the app menu on your smartphone and the settings. Scroll down to see your applications. Tap and navigate to "Application Manager". Now look for "Super Mario Run" in the list. Tap the entry and you will see the app info. Select "Memory" depending on the Android version and then tap:

  • Clear data
  • Clear cache

 Restart your Android smartphone.

  1. Reinstall Super Mario Run

Sometimes it is helpful to uninstall an app and reinstall it. Proceed as follows:

Step 1. Uninstall Super Mario Run

Step 2. Restart your Android smartphone again

Step 3. Download Super Mario Run again to your device

  1. Perform Wipe Cache Partition

If this does not help, a Wipe Cache Partition (No Factory Reset - your data is retained) may be the solution. Since the procedure for a Wipe Cache partition varies according to smartphone, we have here for you the instructions for the most common methods linked:

  • Samsung Smartphones
  • Huawei Smartphones
  • Google Pixel Smartphones

We hope that one of these tips helped you to play Super Mario Run on your Android smartphone. Have fun with this beautiful classic game.

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