Suppress own number at call - GSM network code

Via so-called GSM network codes many settings can be changed with your mobile phone provider. The phone app and the numeric keypad are used to enter a code, which is transmitted to the mobile network. The setting is then automatically accepted for your phone number.

So, of course, there is also a network code for the call number suppression. We'll explain how to use this network code:

Do not transfer your own number - This network code is required if the number is never to be transmitted:

  • #31#        Always switch off the transmission of your own telephone number
  • *31#         Always switch on the transmission of your own telephone number

The network code must be sent by pressing the green handset! The setting is immediately implemented, usually even a short status feedback pops up.

Suppress own phone number only for certain calls - network code

  • #31#Phone number       Hide only your own phone number for this call
  • *31#Phone number        Display your own phone number only for this call


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