T-Mobile - Duration to activate the sim card

How long does the activation take after the sim card has been activated via T-Mobile Online? You may ask yourself this question after completing the process of activating the sim card.

We would like to give you an assessment on this topic and a tip on what you can do if you have not yet activated the sim card:

Duration until activation of the T-Mobile Sim card

You will receive after unlocking the T-Mobile Sim card an message on your smartphone. This generally states that the T-Mobile Sim card will be activated within the next 24 hours. The empirical values ​​are now the following:

In general, the T-Mobile SIM card is activated within 5 minutes of receiving the SMS message. Thus, you can start immediately and use your booked tariff or your prepaid card. It may take longer, if you have carried out a number-taking.

Activation of the T-Mobile Sim card can sometimes take several hours. But that too is the exception and not the rule. If your T-Mobile Sim card is not activated after about 15 minutes to an hour, ie you cannot call or surf the mobile Internet, then try the following tip:

  • Restart your smartphone
  • Switch off the device completely, wait about 5 minutes and then turn on the device again.

Under certain circumstances, this helps to recognize the SIM card or your smartphone's activation, which has already taken place in the T-Mobile network.

You now know how long it will take to activate a T-Mobile Sim card. If more than 24 hours pass and there is still no activation of the T-Mobile card, then please contact the T-Mobile hotline. This will usually be able to solve your problem quickly.


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