Time change - choose correct setting in Android

The time change will be shortly. In March the clocks are changed. To be exact, you will be presented by an hour. This happens at 2 o'clock in the morning. In itself, nothing special, but you should check with your Android smartphone that the correct setting for the automatic adjustment from winter to summer time is set.

Prepare Android smartphones for time change:

To do this, navigate to the following Android submenu on your smartphone:

Home screen --> App Menu --> Settings --> (General Administration) --> Date & Time

Here you have to make sure that at "Automatic Date and Time", the controller is set to "active". If this is the case, then you only have to keep in mind that your Android smartphone is not in flight mode at night of the time change. Only in this way can the smartphone sync with the mobile network.

Your Android smartphone should now be ready for the transition from winter to summer time or the other way round.


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