Transfer Cat S60 pictures and video to PC - Manual

If you own a Cat S60 and now want to transfer pictures, photos and videos from it to your PC, you may have difficulties. No problem, because here we have a step-by-step guide for you on how to transfer data from the Cat S60 to your computer. Please proceed as follows:

Data transfer Cat S60 to PC

1. Connect the S60 to the PC using the supplied USB cable.

2. The Cat S60 detects that a USB connection is present - pull down the status bar and tap the entry "USB to recharge, tap for further options

3. Now select the option „Data transfer".

4. An information appears on your PC with "removable media" or "Action" required (under Computer --> Portable devices you will find the Cat S60 as data carrier)

5 Select the disk and navigate to the directory:

  • Internal memory --> DCIM --> camera (for camera photos)
  • Internal memory --> FLIR (thermal image photos)

Now you know how to connect the Cat S60 to your computer or PC and transfer pictures, photos and videos.


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