Transfer data from Samsung Galaxy S4 to Samsung Galaxy S5 - Instructions!

You can quickly and easily export all data and informations from your Samsung Galaxy S4 on the Samsung Galaxy S5 by using the app "Samsung Smart Switch" from the Samsung App Store. This app was specially programmed by Samsung so that important data can be transferred from a Samsung smartphone to another Samsung smartphone.

It is possible to transmit the following data from an "old" phone to the Samsung Galaxy S5:

  • Contacts
  • Memos
  • SMS messages
  • Images, which are saved on the internal memory
  • Music on the device memory
  • Videos on the device memory
  • Documents that you have, for example, downloaded from the internet such as PDF's, Word or Excel etc.
  • Call logs, stored in your phone
  • Background image, which was currently set up on your old smartphone
  • Lock screen
  • Alarm, alarm clock settings
  • WiFi settings, your saved Wi-Fi networks inkl. passwords will be transferred     

Once you have downloaded the app SmartSwitch for free from the Samsung App Store on your old Samsung smartphone and also the Samsung Galaxy S5, open the app on both smartphones.

If you are on the overview screen of the app SmartSwitch tap on your old device the button "From Android to Galaxy". Then you can select the data which should be transmitted to your new Samsung Galaxy S5. If you have set all flags at the data you want to export tap the "Transfer" Button!

Important! The two smartphones have to lie directly next to each other, so that the app SmartSwitch is working correctly. The smartphones communicate with each other via NFC and exchanged data via Wi-Fi. After the process finish you will find all the transmitted data and settings on your Samsung Galaxy S5.

This is a very comfortable way to move data from an old Samsung phone to a new smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S5. This also works if you are upgrading from an iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy S5. You must then, however, tap in the app Samsung Smart Switch "Import from iCloud".

We hope that this article has helped you to quickly move your data from a smartphone such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 to the Samsung Galaxy S5

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