Unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped - solution

Maybe you receive on your Android smartphone the following error if you open an app, such as the phone app:

"Unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped"

The error message means that you can not properly use the application without having to reproduce this error again. Since this is a bug, which is not too easy to solve, we would like to present you a few suggestions that may perhaps resolve this.

To fix the error "Unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped" on your Android smartphone, the attempt the following solutions:

1. Reset the Phone App on your Android device

To do this, open from your home screen the menu and then the Settings. Search there for "Application Manager" and tap on it. In the Application Manager itself, switch to the tab "All" and then search for "Telephone". Have you found the entry in the list, tap on it to open the app information.

Tap now in the following order the buttons within the app-info:

     1. Force stop
     2. Clear data
     3. Clear cache

Then restart your Android smartphone. The error "Unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped" should now not appear anymore on your Android smartphone. If not, try Tip #2:

2. Wipe cache partition on your Android smartphone (data is not deleted!)

Turn your Android smartphone off by long pressing on the Power On / Off button. Now you need to press and hold the following key combination:

- Power On / Off
- Volume +
- Home button

If your phone vibrates once, release the Power On / Off button, but keep the other two keys from the key combination pressed until a menu appears on the display. Here you can now use the volume button to select "Wipe Cache Partition". Confirm with the "Power On / Off" button to delete the cache. Then mark "Reboot phone" to reboot your Android phone. Finish!

Then, the error "Unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped" should no longer appear when you open an app like the phone app.

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