Uninstall Garmin Watchface - Instructions

If you own a Garmin fitness tracker, such as the ForeAthlete, Forerunner, Fenix ​​or Vivoactive series, you can change the surface of the watch, the so-called "Watchface".

You can download various templates from the Garmin Connect Store to your Garmin Fitness Tracker. Would you like to uninstall such a Watchface again, then you may ask yourself how this works exactly.

Our manual describes the procedure here, step by step.

Deleting a Watchface on a Garmin Fitness Watch

  1. Connect your smartphone to the Garmin Watch by using Bluetooth
  2. Open the Garmin Connect app on your smartphone
  3. Touch the three-bar icon in the top left corner and then press the side menu relatively far down on "Garmin devices" - select your fitness tracker
  4. Now select "Connect IQ Apps" and then "Watch Surfaces" - In the section "Installed" you will see all installed watchfaces
  5. Tap on a watchface and in the next menu please select "Uninstall". - Finished!

The Watchface will now be removed from your Garmin watch and the occupied space is now free again. You now know the method to clear a watchface on a Garmin Fitness watch.


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