Unlock Nokia 8 Developer Options in Android - Instructions

The Nokia 8 is powered by the Android operating system, so you can enjoy many features that are already familiar to other smartphones. This includes, among other things, the developer mode or developer options.

This is a hidden sub-menu of the Android settings, which is not visible from the factory, don't have to be activated by the user.

Here's how we can explain how to unlock the developer options on the Nokia 8 in Android:

  1. From the Home screen, open the menu and then Settings
  2. Scroll down to "About phone" or "Device information" and select the entry
  3. Continue to "Software" and then you will see "Buildnumber" (Depending on the Android version, this entry may also appear as a menu before)
  4. Now tap on several times quickly at Buildnumber - Developer options are now active!

Return to the top level of the settings and scroll to the bottom of the list. Here you will find a new entry with "Developer options". Y

You now know how to activate the developer options in Android on the Nokia 8.

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