Update Fitbit Fitness Tracker firmware with Android smartphone

If you're using the Fitbit Fitness Tracker in order to record your sports activities, then you should check from time to time if a new firmware is available. By means of a new firmware your Fitbit Fitness Tracker receives performance improvements and maybe even new functions.

If you do not know how to install a firmware update on the Fitbit Fitness Tracker with an Android smartphone then we would like to explain this here in our article.
To update the firmware of the Fitbit Fitness Tracker via an Android smartphone, proceed as follows:

Downloadthe current FitBit app from the Google Play Store. Download Link of the FitBit App

Now open the just installed FitBit app on your Android smartphone. Tap there on the menu button in the top left and then the button "Device". Now select your Fitbit Fitness Tracker on which you wish to perform the firmware update. Then tap on "Sync now".

Now, if a firmware updateis available for your Fitbit Fitness Tracker, then you can see a button with "update available". Tap on this button to start the process of updating the firmware of the Fitbit Fitness Tracker. Finished!

Then you have updated the latest firmware on your Fitbit Fitness Tracker via an Android smartphone and thus hopefully the latest enhancements.

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