USB Stick document suddenly lost – solution

If you have stored on your USB stick an important file and now want to open it on another computer, it can happen to you now that this file can suddenly no longer be found. It looks as if the file was never saved to the USB stick.

However, it may happen that when you disconnect the USB Stick from the PC without the function "Eject storage media that files get lost.

This is mostly the reason in the scenario described above. Nevertheless, you have a very good chance to restore the file again. This works with the following Windows board tools:

When you connect your USB flash drive to your Windows PC, the following message will appear:

“Do you want to scan and fix USB Disk”
Select "Scan and fix". This will now check the USB Stick for errors and repairthe file system of your USB flash drive if necessary. This usually will restore your files. We hope that this little workaround has helped you to restore your files on the USB flash drive using the Windows tool.


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