Use the Samsung Galaxy S5 as Remote Camera in Quadrocopter

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S5 and another smartphone from Samsung, which has NFC, then you can use the remote function of the camera. This feature allows to control the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S5 via another smartphone from Samsung. The video image via Wi-Fi can be transmitted, which is ideal to use it for taking pictures or videos with a camera drone like Quadrocopter or Octocopter.

We want now explain to  you how to use the Samsung Galaxy S5 as a remote camera. What you need to:

• Samsung Galaxy S5
• Samsung smartphone with NFC function and at least Android KitKat (For example the Galaxy S4)

Here we go: Open on your Samsung Galaxy S5 the Camera app. Tap on the gear icon and then click the tile with "remote viewfinder". The following message appears on the display:
"Remote Viewfinder - Remote Viewfinder allows you to take pictures using the viewfinder of a connected device. Wi-Fi Direct connection is required"

Enable now on your second smartphone the NFC function. Tap on the LCD display of the Samsung Galaxy S5 the button "Simple connection via NFC." It appears after a vibration and a sound "Touch to send". Now tap on the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S5. The camera remote connection is established. Finished!

Once the connection has come into being, you can see on both screens the camera image of the Samsung Galaxy S5. You can now easily use the Samsung Galaxy S5, for example to take pictures or videos with a Quadrocopter or Octocopter. The image can be seen via the second device.

Since the connection via Wi-Fi comes to pass, you have a very good range of the camera image. Have fun with the useful Remote Viewfinder function for the camera of your Samsung Galaxy S5 in conjunction with Quadrocopter.

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