What does “Force touch” mean for smartphones like the iPhone 6S – Solved

In the speculation about the new iPhone 6S, it is repeatedly spoken about the term "Force Touch". If you do not know what Force Touch is, or what you can do with that function on the smartphone, then we would like to explain this in more detail here:

Force Touch is already possible with the display of the Apple Watch. With that function you can tap on the display in various ways that triggers different functions. This makes it possibleto use various functions via the touch input on the display.

For example you can on the display as follows with a Force Touch display:

  • quick tapping
  • strong tapping
  • long pressing
  • etc.

By Force Touch gestures and the operating functions of your smartphone are extended.

You know now what Force touch means on a smartphone like thecoming iPhone 6S or Apple Watch.

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