What does Knox Warranty Void 0x1 mean - solution

There may be times that you get displayed the following entry within the "Download mode" on your Samsung smartphone:

"Knox Warranty Void 0x1"

If you do not know for what this entry stands for on your Samsung smartphone, then we would like to briefly explain it here.

If the flag of the entry "Knox warranty void" is set to"0x0", that means that the warranty is still fully available and no changes to the device were made.

No changes means that the smartphone hast not been rooted, or a different kernel has been deployed. In this case, the counter would be set to "Knox Warranty Void 0x0". This is positive because so your device still has full warranty protection by Samsung.

If the counter shows "Knox Warranty Void 0x1" your Samsung smartphone isrooted or the kernel changed what then means that your warranty against Samsung is extinguished.

You know now what it means when the counter of your Samsung smartphonesdisplays in the download mode the following entry: "Knox Warranty Void 0x1"


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