What is the safe mode of my Samsung Galaxy smartphone?

You may have heard of the so-called secure mode in connection with your Android smartphone from the Samsung Galaxy series, but you cannot imagine anything specific about it.

This is not a problem, because we would like to briefly explain to you here what the safe mode of a Samsung Galaxy smartphone with Android is all about.


If the safe mode is activated, then at system startup only the Android system itself is loaded with the apps, which are factory-integrated in the firmware. This means that third-party apps and widgets from the Google Play Store cannot be loaded into the interface and will not run.


The advantage is that possible errors that originate from a third-party app can be bypassed in this way. So it creates a test environment, which loads only the most necessary data of the Android system.

If the system is running fine in Safe Mode, but not in Normal Mode, then it is most likely due to an app or third-party widget. You must now locate this app. It helps to think about which app has been installed in the past.

A wipe cache partition can also help here.

Activate Safe Mode:

Switch off the Samsung Galaxy completely. Press and hold the following keys:

  • Power Button
  • Volume Down

The volume down key must be pressed until the Galaxy smartphone has completely booted the Android OS. The power button can be released after the start. Once Android is loaded, you will see a note in the bottom left corner:

"Safe Mode" - This means that it is now active. You now know what the Safe Mode is for on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, what advantages it offers and how to activate it in Android.

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