What means OTG in conjunction with the smartphone?

If you already have heard of the term "OTG" in conjunction with a smart phone, then perhaps you are wondering what this term means or what technical possibilities are behind it. In order to bring light into the darkness, we want to explain what the term "OTG" means.

OTG stands for “On the Go”. Most of them are devices that you can connect on the go via Micro USB with the smartphone. These includes:

  • Mini Storage Disk
  • USB Flash Drives
  • Speakers

Especially the possibility to connect a hard disk or a USB stick OTG is very useful. So you can very easily transmit from the smartphone photos on an external drive. A backup of your images is “On The Go” possible.

You know now, what the term OTG stands for and how these can be brought into connection with smartphones.


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