WhatsApp calls - Reduce data consumption

If you are using on your Android smartphone the application WhatsApp for phone calls, then this will be noticeable in your data consumption in the long run. Depending on how much capacity in mobile data traffic you have available per month, it makes sense to reduce this to save costs. The data consumption from WhatsApp calls can be very easily reduced within Android.

We show you in this post, how you can find the setting.

The prerequisite is that you have the latest version of WhatsApp. This is perhaps not yet available in the Google Play Store. On the official WhatsApp homepage you will always receive the latest version of WhatsApp for your android smartphone. Download on the official WhatsApp website

If you have WhatsApp now updated, open the app. Then tap at the top right of the three-point icon and then click "Settings". From here, continue on:

  • Chats & Calls

In this submenu, now scroll all the way down. You will now see an option which says:

  • Low data usage

Sets a hook in the checkbox to enable this feature in WhatsApp on your Android smartphone. The data consumption will be reduced at the expense of voice quality during a WhatsApp call.

We hope that this option will help to reduce your mobile data traffic.

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