WhatsApp Time stamp for read messages - Show Time

WhatsApp has recently launched a new function that give you the ability to proofe when a message has been read by the recipient. This can be seen at the double blue tick. Who likes this function, will like this new WhatsApp feature. Because now you can also see in WhatsApp, at which time the WhatsApp message has been read. This is possible through a time stamp.

How you can find out in WhatsApp, at which time the sent message was read by the receiver, we would like to show you.

As first thing open your WhatsApp app on the Android smartphone. Subsequently open a chat in which the sent message is included. Tap and hold the message from which you would like to know when it was read by the receiver. It will now appear at the top screen a bar in which you have to tap in the center of a small icon with "i" in it. This stands for information and gives you more Details to this message.

Under the message now appears:

    - read
    - delivered

Both information have a time stamp which gives you information about the status of the message. If there is a Time visible behind "Read" then it is the real read time of your message through the recipient. Now you will have exactly the info when your recipient has read the message you sent him.

You now know how to find out in WhatsApp, at which time the message was read by the recipient.

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