WhatsApp works - Check if there is a error

Anyone using the Messenger WhatsApp may have to struggle with connection problems. A message does not come with you or sent messages not with your friends or acquaintances. Now you might ask: Is WhatsApp down?

So far you could only find an answer to the question by searching the net. Recently, WhatsApp itself offers the service to check this out. We show you how to check in WhatsApp to see if there is a network disruption. This works quite simply as follows:

  1. Open WhatsApp on your Android smartphone or iPhone
  2. Open the settings at the top right of the three-point symbol
  3. Then select "Help" - You will then be presented with a menu in which "System status" can be found - tap this

Here you will get a status message about whether the WhatsApp service is working properly. So you can always quickly check if WhatsApp works properly, or if the error depends on your smartphone or the Internet connection.


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