When will the Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini appear?

Samsung usually brings shortly after the release of the latest Galaxy smartphone another version on the market, the Galaxy Mini. Now the Samsung Galaxy S6 is offered commercially since April but there was no sign for a Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini is for many users the smartphone of choice, because it has only very small dimensions and therefore fits into virtually any bag or trouser pocket.

Should you now ask whether the Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini at all comes, then we would like to make you here a little hope.

Since a few days images of a supposed Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini are circulating on the network. The model shown has smaller dimensions than the Samsung Galaxy S6 has and therefore it is quite possible that during the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 also a Galaxy S6 Mini is unveiled.

Once there are news about the Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini, we will inform you here on Solvemix about it.


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