Where do I find my Samsung Galaxy S5 IMEI? Solved!

To view the IMEI, which represents the serial number of your Samsung Galaxy S5, you just have to take a look at the Android settings. In this article, we will now show you, where you will find the IMEI of your Samsung Galaxy S5:

In order to let you view the IMEI of the Samsung Galaxy S5, open the menu and then the Settings. Scroll down until you see "Device Information" . Tap on the entry and in the next submenu you will find the entry "Status". Tap on this and you will obtain various information about your Samsung Galaxy S5. Scroll down a bit and you will find the entry "IMEI". This number represents the IMEI of your Samsung Galaxy S5.

Since the IMEI number is a unique serial number, you should write a note and keep it safe. Because if the smartphone is lost, it can be traced through this number, whether the phone is yours or not.


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