Where does helium backup store my app backups – solution

If you use the application "Helium Backup" to back up your app data on your Android smartphone, then the following question may arise:
Where does helium backup stores my app backups?

This question is important because helium backup only offers the following options to save a backup:

• Internal device memory
• Cloud

Since it is a backup app which is used mostly before a factory reset, it makes little sense to backup to the internal memory. So you have to copy the backup folder from internal memory manually via USB cable to the computer. For this purpose, it is important to know where the backup files from helium backup are stored.
You can find the files here, after the Android smartphone is connected to the PC:

phone / carbon /

The folder is not visible to the File Explorer "My Documents" of your Android smartphone. Therefore, you should copy this folder directly to the PC. You know now there you can find on your Android smartphone backups that you have created with "Helium Backup".

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