Why is the Android Flashlight Widget not so bright - Solved

If you are using on your Android smartphone, the Android Flashlight Widget, then you maybe wonder why this photo LED light does not bring so much light, as is the case for taking pictures. We want to explain you the reason why the flashlight widget can not use the full brightness of the Flashlight LED.

The photo light, which is used as a flashlight, consists of a very luminous LED. If this LED is heavily used for a long time, that is driven at maximum brightness, it can happen that it will overheat and thus get defective. Used as a photo flash this is not a problem because this makes the LED light only a fraction of a second. With a Flashlight widget, it may be quite possible that the photo LED lights for several minutes. For this reason the flashlight widget of Android does not light up the LED in full brightness.

If you still want to use the full light intensity of the LED as a flashlight, then you can download an alternative Flashlight widget from the Google Play Store. One of them is for example: Brightest LED Flashlight Widget

Pay attention that this app does not light up your photo LED too long in order to avoid a defect. You know now the reason why the flashlight widget from Android may not be as strong as the apps in the Google Play Store.

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