Windows 10 disable password for login – Solution

The Windows 10 account is secured after setting up by a password. This login password is set at the beginning of the installation. Of course you can turn the login off in Windows 10. We want briefly explain how this works:

To display all user accounts on Windows 10, open the “RUN” Command Box by simultaneously pressing the "Windows" and "R" key buttons. It now appears the "Run Console" on your Windows 10 computer. Type here now the following command:

  • netplwiz

Windows 10

By pressing "Enter" the command is executed and all user accountsunder Windows 10 are nowlisted in a new window.

Change on the "user" tab the following setting:

“Users must enter a username and password to use this computer”

Erase the flag in the checkbox. Now click on "Apply" and then type in your current login password again. Finished!

If you boot your computer for the next time, it is directly loaded to the Windows 10 desktop without being asked for your login details.


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