Windows 10 No Wi-Fi connection anymore – Resolved

If you have on your Windows 10 PC or laptop suddenly no Internet connection via Wi-Fi, the causes may be different. We had on our Windows 10 PC the following reason why the Internet connection via Wi-Fi has suddenly stopped working:

The reason for the separate Internet connection was the installed VPN client named "Global Protect".

Windows 10

This VPN client causes complications after installing on Windows 10. After uninstalling the VPN client an Internet connection under Windows 10 via Wi-Fi was no longer a problem.

Unfortunately, many VPN programs are the reason on Windows 10 for incorrect Wi-Fi connections. That's why we recommend you always to check whether you have installed a VPN or if this is the cause for it.

Try to install an alternate VPN client. We hope that you now have a decent internet connection to your Router in Windows 10.

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