Windows 10 Setting the mouse for left-handers – Tip

If you are left-handed, then it is of course more comfortable to control the mouse with your left hand. However, it would be practically, if the mouse buttons swapped and therefore adjusted for left-handers. Luckily with Windows 10 you can change this setting. We show you how switch the mouse button from left to right:

Windows 10

1. Open from the desktop Start --> Settings

2. Click on “devices” and continue to "mouse and touchpad"

3. You can now select the primary button. In the case of a left-handed person, the primary right "right" must be set in Windows 10

4. The setting is now taken over and you can now easily control your Windows 10 PC Left-handed.

So now you know how to adjust the settings of the mouse to left-handed in Windows 10.


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