Word - always create backups automatically

If you write a lot of text with Word, then you may already had the problem that the program has crashed and you have lost the previously written text, because it was not saved. If so, then it is

Advisable to always automatically make a backup copy of the Word text file. How to make backup copies of Word automatically we want to explain to you here in detail:
Opens on your computer, the writing program "Word" and then:

1. Click at the top left at "File" or the "Word Icon"
2. Select “Options” or “Word Options”
3. Click on "Advanced"
4. Scroll down to the section "Save" and search the option "Always create backup copy"
5. Set the hook in the checkbox to turn this feature in Word to active

Immediately your Word will always make a backup copy of the just-written text - all automatically.


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