ZTE Axon 7 screenshot - All methods at a glance

The ZTE Axon 7 offers you various possibilities to create a screenshot of the currently displayed content. We would like to explain the different methods here and show you how these functions work. Currently, there are two different ways to take a screenshot with the ZTE Axon 7:

Method 1: Key combination

To do this, press and hold the following two buttons on your smartphone for about 2 seconds:

  • Power On / off
  • Volume down key

The screenshot is then triggered and saved

Method 2: Pull 3 fingers together

Open the app menu and then the settings.

From here, please navigate to "Gestures & Motion" and activate the function "Screen Recording".

Now you can easily take a screenshot when you put three fingers on the screen and then pull them together.

You now know how to create a screenshot easily on the ZTE Axon 7.


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