BlackBerry Passport Reset to factory settings

In this guide we will explain you how to reset the BlackBerry Passport to factory settings. All data will be deleted and resetted to the factory settings. The factory setting condition describes the status that the BlackBerry Passport had when delivered to you. A factory reset is also known under the name "Hard Reset".

This manual leads you now to the BlackBerry Passport factory reset:

1. Install the software BlackBerry link on your computer. You can download itfrom the official BlackBerry website. The download link can be found here.

2. Start the BlackBerry Link software on your computer and then connect the BlackBerry Passport to the PC using the supplied USB cable.

3. Within the BlackBerry Link Software tap in the link window on your connected device. Then tap the button "Backup and Restore".

4. You can now see "Resetting to factory defaults". (IMPORTANT: All data will be deleted! It is recommended to make a backup of your data.) Touch now this menu item, and then follow the wizard to reset your BlackBerry Passport. All data is now irrevocably deleted on the device. Subsequently BlackBerry OS is reinstalled and you have installed the Blackberry OS software.

You know now, how you can perform a factory reset  on the BlackBerry Passport, which deletes all data.

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