BlackBerry Passport Transfer contacts and data from Android or iOS

If you bought the BlackBerry Passport, then you must also worry about how you can transfer the data and contacts you have stored on your old phone to your new device. Fortunately, there is an app with which you can transfer your data very simple and even wirelessly via Wi-Fi. In this guide, we now show you how to transfer contacts and data from an Android smartphone or an iOS iPhone on the BlackBerry Passport.

Please proceed step by step:

Step 1 - Install the the Device Switch App on your Blackberry Passport and your old smartphone (Android or iOS)

Navigate with the new BlackBerry Passport and your old smartphone with a web browser on the website It will now open either the iTunes Store or the Google Play Store at your old smartphone to download the app. It is the same on your Blackberry Passport.

Now install the app on your device and open it.

Step 2 -Connect your smartphones via Wi-Fi

If your new BlackBerry Passport is in the same wireless network as the old phone, then the two devices will now be able to see each other within the app Device Switch. Now couple the two smartphones with Identifying-Pin-System.

Step 3 - Transfer contacts and data on the new BlackBerry Passport

You can then select which data and contacts you would like to transfer from your old device to your new BlackBerry Passport. You can select:

    - Contacts (with contact pictures, birthdays etc. ...)
    - Calendar entries
    - Images and videos
    - additional data depending on the operating system of the old smartphone

Have you made ​​your selection, you can start the transfer. Depending on how much data it is, the transmission takes time. The progress is displayed to you on both smartphones

You know now how to transfer contacts and data such as pictures, videos, calendar entries from an iOS iPhone or an Android smartphone to the BlackBerry Passport. We hope that we could help you this manual.

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