BlackBerry Passport Which Sim card is required - solution

The BlackBerry Passport is the latest product from Blackberry and maybe with its tactile keyboard it has awaken interest within the smartphone community. If you are interested in buying the new smartphone then you should obviously know what Sim card the BlackBerry Passport needs to use mobile services. This is important,  because not every Sim card fits into any card slot!

Since there are three common Sim card formats (Standard, Micro, Nano) it can happen in advance that the sim card from the old phone no longer fits in the new BlackBerry Passport. To avoid that this happens to you with the BlackBerry Passport, we tell you which Sim card the device uses:

The BlackBerry Passport requires a Nano Sim Card

The Nano Sim card is currently the smallest sim card size. Since this type was unfortunately so far only found on very few smartphones, especially the iPhone, it may be that you have to get a new nano sim card from your mobile phone operator. However, this is usually not a problem and should be sent free of charge or for very little money on you either.

We wish you with the BlackBerry Passport a lot of fun!

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