Activate iPhone 6 DFU mode – Solution

The "Device Firmware Update mode", short DFU mode, is the maintenance mode of the iPhone 6. With this it is possible to reset the iPhone 6 and reinstall the system, which can be important especially in case of problems with the iOS software. In this guide we want to describe how to set the iPhone 6 in DFU mode. For this please proceed as follows:

1. Turn your iPhone 6 completely off and connect it then via USB cable to the computer
2. Open iTunes on your PC
3. Now press simultaneously for about 10 seconds the power button and the home button
4. The Apple logo appears on the display and then goes away again – Please hold the key combination
5. After 10 seconds, let the Power On/ Off Button go but continue pressing the home button for approximately 10 seconds
6. Now the following message should appear on the screen of your computer within iTunes: "iTunes has detected an iPhone 6 in recovery mode"

Finished! You can now restore your iPhone 6 with iTunes. The instructions described above usually does not work immediately, which is why you need to try it several times.
You know now how to start the iPhone 6 in DFU mode.

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