Apple Watch Delete Apps – Solved

Many of you install on a new device like the Apple Watch a bunch of new apps to test all functions of it. If that applies to you, then you will realize after a short time that you actually need very few of these apps. Then you may ask yourself the question:

How can I delete apps on my Apple Watch?

This question we would like to answer here now:

Please proceed as follows:

First return to the Home screen of your Apple Watch by clicking once on the crown. Let now the app icon be displayed, which you would like to remove from your Apple Watch. Now tap with your finger on it and hold it until it starts to shake. At the same time a small X icon appears in the top left. Tap the X icon to delete the app on your Apple Watch.

Confirm the deletion query with "OK" and the app will be removed from your Apple Watch.
You now know how to uninstall an app on the Apple Watch.

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