Apple Watch How to Screenshot - key combination

The Apple Watch is the new gem from Apple and certainly for many of you a must-have. Many small applications on the screen of the Apple Watch, which are working in conjunction with your iPhone, offer very useful and interesting features that are can be used in daily life. Maybe you have the question:

Can you take a screenshot with the Apple Watch?

This question we would like to answer here now: Yes you can capture the screen with the Apple Watch. Screenshots are one of the most important functions of a smart device. With screenshots important information displayed on the screen of the Apple Watch can besaved very fast. Therefore, the screenshot is often referred to a “screen grab” or “hard copy”.

Subsequent we want to show you how to perform with the Apple Watch a screenshot of the clock display with a key combination. For that you need to press the following keys on your Apple Watch and hold them for 1-2 seconds:

  • Digital crown
  • Side-Button

Finished! If you like to view your screenshot on your Apple Watch, then press on the crown and then navigate through the app carousel on "Photos". The last photo displayed is your just made screenshot.

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