Apple Watch screen does not respond – Perform a soft reset

It can happen with your Apple Watch that it will from now on does not react to any taps on the touch display or even on the crown and the side button. This so-called "Freeze" (freezing of the display) can be triggered, for example, by a faulty App. In any case the Apple Watch cannot be operated properly.

Here a so-called soft reset must be performed. This corresponds like removing the battery, so an interruption of the power supply. Therefore the Apple Watch restarts, what is generally the solution of the problem.

We explain to you now in our article how to perform a soft reset on the Apple Watch.

For this, the following key combination must be pressed simultaneously and held for about 12 seconds:

  • Digital crown
  • Side Button

After the 12 seconds, the display of your Apple Watch becomes black and the device will restart. You can now release the buttons and wait until the Apple Watch performed the restart.

You know now how to restart the Apple Watch if the screen is frozen, and the SmartWatch does not respond to your input anymore.

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