Disable iPhone 6S key tones – Solution

When you are writing text on the iPhone 6S with the keyboard, then hear every time a key tone. This is to show you that you have just touched a button on the keypad. Typically, this function is more disruptive than helpful. That is why many people disable this feature on their iPhone 6S. That is why we tell you here how to disable the iPhone 6S key tones.

Please proceed as follows:

1. Open from the start screen the iPhone 6S settings
2. Scroll now in the settings down until you can see the entry "sound". Selects this.
3. You will find in this sub-menu of your iPhone 6S the "Keyboard clicks" option. Disable this option to turn off the key tones on your phone.

In the future you will hear no key tones from your iPhone 6S when writing text.

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