How to disable iPhone 6S Parallax motion effect – Resolved

Who observed the home screen of his iPhone 6S noted that the contents as icons, wallpaper etc. move, if you tilt the phone. These movements of your home screen are related to the so-called parallax effect. This motion effect makes it possible that you always can see the contents of your smartphone in 90th ° angle. More information about the parallax effect can be found here.

Since the parallax effect on the iPhone 6S is more a gimmick than really useful, we would like to explain to you here how you can disable this motion effect in iOS. For this purpose please proceed as follows:

Step 1: Open the Settings
Step 2: Tap on General --> Accessibility --> Reduce Motion
Step 3: Push now the slider "reduce motion" from "Off" to "On" to disable the parallax effect in symbols and signs

The parallax effect will now no longer exists on the home screen. You have successfully disabled this motion effect on the iPhone 6S.

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