iOS 7 How to deactivate screen rotation

The iPhone has a built in rotation sensor, which automatically detects the location of the smartphone and accordingly adjusts the screen. If you want to read a mail or surf in the web lying on the side with your iphone then the automatic screen rotation is more a disadvantage than an advantage. Since the adjustment of the screen rotation of the iPhone is located in iOS 7 at another point than in iOS 6, we want to show you now where to find this setting.

This is easily explained, because the screen rotation setting can be found in iOS 7 in the so called Control Center. The Control Center can easily be opened by wiping from the bottom of the screen to the top of the screen.

Here you will now find the setting for the screen rotation. You can turn it on or off.

You now know how to disable the screen rotation on the iPhone and the new iOS 7.

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