iOS 8 Supported Devices - update possible?

Apple has recently released its new iOS 8 for mobile devices. iOS 8 brings many new features and functions with it. Even the design of the software interface has something changed. Surely you will now ask the question whether Apple's new operating system iOS 8 is also available for your Apple mobile device like the iPhone or the iPad.

For this reason we have created for you a list that lists all devices that are supported by iOS 8.

An iOS 8 update is possible to the following devices:

     iPhone 4S

     iPhone 5
     iPhone 5C
     iPhone 5S

     iPhone 6
     iPhone 6 Plus

     iPad 2
     iPad Air
     iPad mini

     iPod Touch 5th Gen

If you have one of these devices from Apple, then you can update and use the new features without problems of the new iOS 8. Have fun.

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