iPhone 6 Deactivate WhatsApp read receipts - Solved

At last users of an iPhone 6 can disable the read receipt in WhatsApp. This feature was previously withheld for Android smartphones but is from now on integrated within the latest version of WhatsApp for iOS. By disabling the read receipt, you avoid that contact sees that his sent WhatsApp message has been read by you.

This is sometimes very useful because you are not forced to immediately respond to a WhatsApp message. This makes everyday life much easier. We show you now how you can deactivate the WhatsApp read receipts on the iphone 6:

Open on your iPhone 6 the application WhatsApp.

In this app navigate to: Settings --> Account --> Privacy Policy

Here you will find the "read receipt" option at the end of the list. Turn it to "Off" via the slider.

You know now how to disable on the iPhone 6 the WhatsApp the read receipt.

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