iPhone 6 Disable GPS location in photos - Resolved

On the iPhone 6, the default setting is active that the GPS location is stored in the JPEG file when a photo is taken. The coordinates are saved in the so-called EXIF ​​file, which is attached to each JPEG.

So if you send a photo now, others can see where you took the photo exactly. If you do not want that your iPhone 6 stores the GPS location within photos that you have captured, you can disable it by doing the following procedure:

To do this, please use your iPhone 6 and navigate to:

Settings --> Privacy --> Location Services --> Camera --> Never

You have now permanently deactivated the geo tagging feature of your iPhone 6. From now on, your GPS coordinates will no longer be stored within the EXIF ​​file of a JPEG image, so other people cannot understand where the image was taken.

You now know how to disable the GPS location in iOS on the iPhone 6 when taking photos.

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