iPhone 6 – How to disable In-App Purchases

In many apps that are available for the iPhone 6 via the App Store, so-called in-app purchases can be made. In-app purchases are a popular variation for developers to monetize the app. For example, in a game app new Avatar-life’s, better features and characteristics of a character or vehicle can be purchased. Mostly a few dollars are due for. However, you tend to make in-app purchases more often. Especially young people and children use the Purchase button in games more often because the lack of awareness of spending money in this moment is low.

That's why you can disable on the iPhone 6 such in-app purchases in apps. This can be done via a master switch in the Settings. We show you where you can find this switch to disable in-app purchases.

  1. Open the settings on the iPhone 6
  2. Navigate to the "General" section --> Restrictions "
  3. Select "Enable Restrictions"
  4. Enter a four-digit code to secure these limitations
  5. You can now set restrictions on your iPhone 6
  6. Use the slider at "In-App Purchases" to disable them on the iPhone 6

Now you can’t make any in-app purchases with the iPhone 6.

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