iPhone 6 How to hide battery percent in status bar - Solution

On the iPhone 6, the battery percentage indicator is displayed by defaultat the status bar. With that info you can see at a glance what percentage of the iPhone 6 battery is charged and whether the smartphone must be connected to the charger again. Now it may be that the percentage of battery charge indicator in the status bar of your iPhone 6 bothers you and you wish to hide it.

If that's the case, then we will tell you now how to hide the battery percentage on the iPhone 6 in the status bar.

For that open from the home screen of your iPhone 6 the settings and then the sub-menu "General". Here you will find now the entry "Usage". Tap on the item and you will find the option "Battery Percentage" in the next sub-menu. Move the slider to the left to disable the option on the iPhone 6and thus the percentage of the battery charge indicator is hidden in the status bar. Finished!

You know now how to hide on the iPhone 6 the percentage indicator of the battery in the status bar.

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