iPhone 6S battery indicator is yellow - Why?

Maybe you notice on the iPhone 6S that the battery indicator in the status bar is yellow instead of green. Should you now wondering what the yellow battery indicator means, then we would like to answer this question.

The yellow battery indicator represents an activated energy saving mode. Is this mode activated in the settings of iOS 9, then the color of the battery icon turns from green to yellow.

Should you have accidentally activated the power saving mode on the iPhone 6S and want to turn this off, then this works very simply as follows:

To disable the power-saving mode on the iPhone 6S please follow these steps:

1. Open from the Home screen the Settings

2. Navigate on: "Battery"

3. Now use the slider at "power save mode" to disable this mode.

The battery icon in the status bar will now change back from yellow to green. So now you know what it means when the battery icon in the status bar of the iPhone 6S indicates yellow.

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