iPhone 6S Import data of Samsung Galaxy smartphone

If you decide to switch from your Samsung Galaxy smartphone to the new Apple iPhone 6S, then you certainly would like to transfer as much data as possible from your old phone to to the new device.

Apple is, in terms to the transfer of data not so practical as Android, although there is the possibility to move several files. We want to show you here how this works with the new iPhone 6S:
Download for your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone and the iPhone 6S the following app: "Copy My Data"

If the app is installed on your smartphone open it. You must now activate Wi-Fi. Then follow the wizard to transfer the data. You can now very easily choose within the app which data should be transferred. The choices are:

  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Photo
  • Video

Set a hook at the data which you want to transfer from the Android smartphone to the iPhone 6S. Then start the transfer via WiFi. Depending on the size of the photos etc. this process may take longer.

You know now how your data can be transferred from a Android smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy series to the iPhone 6S.

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