iPhone 6S record videos with 4K resolution - enable setting in iOS9

The iPhone has 6S integrated a camera with which you can record videos in up to 4K. The resolution is 4 times as large as in Full HD and has accordingly a very sharp video image. The shots of the iPhone 6S in 4K are recorded at 30 FPS, which is enough to create a smooth video.

Since on the iPhone 6S the Full HD video resolution is set as defaults from factory, we would like to explain how you can enable 4K video resolution in the iOS 9 Settings. Proceed as follows:

4K Video

1. Open from the Home screen the Settings and there the submenu "Photo & Camera"
2. Tap here now on “Record video”
3. Now you are able to see all possible video resolutions. Select "4K 30 FPS"

Immediately your videos are from now on captured at a resolution of 4K. But keep in mind that this video format requires significantly more memory from your iPhone 6S. Several GB of video material is achieved here quickly.

Have fun recording movies with your iPhone 6S and 4K resolution.

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