If you choose the equipment BMW Connected Drive in your BMW car, then you should inform you here, which Samsung smartphones are compatible with the functions of the system. Basically more Samsung smartphones are compatible with BMW Connected Drive. However, some functions can only be used with the brand new Samsung Galaxy smartphones. We have you here listed the supported models of BMW Connected Drive.

The basic functions such as phone calls or audio playback via Bluetooth are supported by all Samsung models. In brackets you can find the options that are especially available for a single phone.

  • Samsung Galaxy Alpha: (integration of Smartphone Apps)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4: (voice control, USB connection)
  • Samsung Galaxy S4: (voice control, USB connectivity, Media Snap-in adapter)
  • Samsung Galaxy S5: (USB connection)
  • Samsung Galaxy S6: (voice control, USB connection)

These Samsung smartphones can be connected to BMW Connected Drive and use the above mentioned functions.

All current features can be found on the following website of BMW: Smartphone compatibility testing for Connected Drive with your BMW


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