BMW M135i Where can I find the torque indicator? Solved!

The BMW M135i F20 is an extremely sporty small car that can delight you with 320 hp and up to 450nm torque. With these performance values, the BMW M135i can easily accommodate with Porsche and Co., which is of course great fun. For those who want something more from your BMW M135i, there are some technical gimmicks. One of these is the digital torque indicator.

This is displayed on the navigation display of the BMW M135i. If you accelerate, then this indicator shows the HP and also how much torque rest again. Should you now ask:

Where can I find the torque display in my BMW M135i, then we want you to answer this here briefly.

1. It is important that you have the BMW Professional navigation display. As this function is neccessary to make it possible that the torque and the retrieved PS can be viewed digitally.

2. You have to set the Sports Plus mode

If you have these settings or conditions in your BMW M135i, then the torque and HP indicatior is shown on the display of the navigation system. Have fun with this cool feature of the BMW M135i.

Update: At the current facelifted BMW M135i F20 2015 there is the torque indicator and PS display even available with the small business navigation system. See the following video (minute 2:20):

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